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Halifax chat

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It's just unhelpful. So I've left it at Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I was intending to add entries for the two ificant Halifaxes one in northern England, to other on the eastern seabord of Canada. Richard Harvey talk22 January UTC Requested move[ edit ] The following discussion is an archived discussion of the proposal. There are an awful lot of links in the body of this about Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Others use it to mean the whole HRM. There are several other Halifax articles, describing different permutations of areas, and going into some detail about local government organisation yawnbut nothing that describes the holistic total of the place and its history over time. There are hlifax two topics which are likely to be referred to as "Halifax, Nova Scotia" in a non-specialist context - City of Halifax and Halifax Regional Municipality.

That would at least give users a better chance of reaching the info they need quickly. When we can't say there is a clearly primary topic we disambiguate.

Halifax international security forum -

Licensing[ edit ] Public domainPublic domainfalsefalse This image is a work of a United States Department of State employee, taken or made as part of that person's official duties. We do not have a disambiguation at Tibet. Thus it is an ambiguous name and has to point to a dab.

If we were going to redirect to any it would be Metropolitan Halifax because that is what most people would consider the largest city in Nova Scotia if they were going by how its often referred to. Should be turn United States into a disambiguation because in it did not include California?

That "Halifax former city " is meant to be on something only of historical interest is all the more reason to move Halifax Regional Municipality to Halifax, Nova Scotia since whenever we say "Halifax" in we can reasonably mean "Halifax Regional Municipality" as opposed to using "Halifax" to refer only to galifax urban core and only the full name "Halifax Regional Municipality" to refer to the existing political division.

But hslifax so would only create even more confusion.

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I can see no alternative but to omit the Canadian Halifax from the most often list, until this is fixed. If "Halifax, Nova Scotia" overwhelmingly refers to the historical core, then that is where it should redirect.

Is this the case? It wouldn't be the former city article or the HRM article. By listing it as the former city clearly it isn't the one you are going to next month so that crosses that off the list immediately.

It was reviewed on 3 July by Mdaniels and was confirmed to be d under the terms of the Public Domain Mark. Frankly to me it seems very intuitive.

The situation can be compared to Honolulu - the primary topic of the title "Honolulu" refers to the urban core of Honolulu County, Hawaii. Andrew Oakley talk17 June UTC I agree with the principle of dealing with the most common uses first, but it is better to keep to the bullet point format for clarity. Just sort the list of Canadian topics into a more appropriate order. Most of the discussion seems to revolve around which of the three primary uses is the most important.

This is the case here.

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But my reading of Halifax Regional Municipality is that it is an article about a local government body, not about a place. We cannot assume background knowledge on the part of reader. Even if referring specifically to the historical city, a link to an article on the Halifax Regional Municipality is not wrong. You're completely right Ckatz, the HRM is in fact the capital of Nova Scotia, despite the name "Halifax Regional Municipality" only being used formally and not colloquially halifax chat yes, we Haligonians are trying ualifax get the name of the city changed back to plain "Halifax".

Subsequent comments should be made in a new section on this talk. That would be inappropriate recentism.

Dhat Kingdom is likewise not a disambiguation between United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland covering different geographical scope in different time frames. Halifax former city is a subset of the municipality. Halifax, Nova Scotia applies to both the former city and the current municipality. A workable solution needs to work for those users not editors who want to find out about the place called Halifax in Nova Scotia.

A prior move proposal to have Halifax, West Yorkshire be the primary topic was shot down halifax chat the grounds that the Halifax in Canada is more commonly known, not on grounds that a primary topic does not exist.

Halifax international security forum -

This is how it is done at both London and Chongqing. And as there are at least half-a-dozen articles that describe the various incarnations of the Canadian city, the idea that any one of them is primary over the other five, let alone over the other uses of the name, is a trifle optimistic.

I believe that "Halifax former citythe city until " is a sufficient description of that, because if you're looking for the former city, then that's what you need, and if you're looking for the neighbourhoods, there are several articles on them.