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Religion debate chat room

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I think that there was defiantly a lot of work required for this course. I took this class because I have a full course load and work full time.

Also, there were occasionally links that did not work, although they were usually fixed in a reasonable amount of time. So I believe that everything is doable only when one wants to rkom that.

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Our egos in this society are extremly sensitive, and this sometimes doesn't allow us to say what we really want to say. Part 1: What did you like best about this course? What did you like best about this course?

To improve the quality of the discussions, you would need to make sure that the participants do not stray away from a philosophical perspective. The people that participated did so because rfligion their own strong feelings about religion. But like I said, you have to expect a lot of reading and writing when taking a philosophy course, let alone philosophy of religion.

Religion debate chat rooms

How could the course be improved in terms of my interaction, participation, and management of the course? I feel that we discussed many good topics and that they were presented very clearly. Just like in the class setting, students will participate if and when they want to. It would also eliminate the opportunity to interact religlon fellow students.

I think that most of the due dates for the asments were very doable; some I felt were too short. If you would ddbate to have a taste of what is discussed currently, have a look at the MCD archive. The submission address for soc.

What other suggestions, comments, or recommendations would you have for the instructor? People shared their opinions debzte and were not afraid to speak what they felt.

I believe the professor should ask more questions in the discussions board, so we can have a better understanding of the topics of discussion. Part 7: What other suggestions, comments, or recommendations would you have for the instructor? The part of this course that I liked the best was the interaction with the other students. Making sure that everyone remembers that is very important.

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Maybe there should be more precise time intervals, which would make more poeple come to discussion boards. What changes would you suggest be made to the pacing or sequence of the content and activities for this course? Both were good, but at times, did not blend well. Web Boards. I understand that it is one of the most common religions, but if there was a way to expand the discussions so not only did they cover Christianity, but a wider range of the religions, that would help increase our understanding.

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The answers should be obvious to the students that read the textbook. In addition there could for example be set a day of the week, and exact time where every student would be responsible to come and participate. So I relition that maybe a scheduled meeting online once or twice a week might help in that situation.

Actually, the part I liked best about the course was the sharing of ideas, as well as the often-heated debates that took place on debaate discussion board. All grades have to be based on written asments and discussion because there is no tests, therefore the workload must be greater because there are only a small amount of things that we are graded on. I feel that the learning activities were deed well.

Overall it was a great experience, it was an interesting course.

It also shows in my opinion little understanding of the time involved to read every posting, as well as little understanding of what would be different in a classroom setting. I feel that the quantity of work was a lot, but I also feel that if you were to cut down on the workload, the student will not get a full understanding of the course contents. If questions take a long time to be answered, it slows down the process of the asments.

What specific things do you think could be improved in the structure or de of the course and learning activities? I become obsessed, trying to show that I am right, and all of my focus was on one debate while others already moved on, debating elsewhere before that section was open.

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The thing that I liked the most about this course was the interaction. Although we have never met in person, we have met with ideas and I cannot say that much for other professors. Specific answers to specific asment questions that can be found in the online text would help a lot. Students could meet at least once a week to participate in the class more actively.

Some of the texts in the on-line book were a little too vague. Thank you for all your help. Professor Pecorino is one of my best professors. FAQs are available for both soc.

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The pace of the class, i. The areas that I thought needed a little improvement were the asment questions and the online textbook. I learned a lot about how I think as well as how others do too. However, in foom beginning of this course I felt that there was so much material to cover could not accomplish it all due to the quick due dates.