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Contract Then and so it has it's it's sort of it's it's backing and philosophers like John Locke and Bare and John Rawls and the concept of a social contract has to do with just a theory around what what would the conditions need to be for someone to enter into a fair and just society or like what is a fair and just society?

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He had also thought about the fireside. It's social contract dot Org Also be sure to tune in on June tenth at noon to hear us talk with keynote Speaker author and podcaster Josh Mayle if you'd like to get notifications for upcoming connect further videos, watch our past episodes or learn more about the Wilkes-Barre Connect conference, visit WB Conference dot com Thanks for watching. So you're lnie at like a financial issue a management issue and you know it's like how do you how do you get out of this?

I want to hear from you, msg back again. I like. We understand who should be doing that work would it cost and and and ultimately make sure that funds work together to finance that with Fidelity and stop relying on the nonprofits to spend about 40 - five percent of their time fundraising on annual cyclical basis in silos and instead free them up to do the work you know be committed like let's let's get this out of the way on the front end to understand what we need to be financing and then funders can do the.

Seven straight year thanks so much for ing us caht katt thanks for having me.

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I simply want to be packed anyway you enjoy and also have you cum in me so I can really feel your sticky cum leaking away from my tight pit. Most likely an image or two at the same time. I'm watching kids who came in being like Hi. Needed to drive progress on a specific social issue in a specific place for company partners with community corporate government and philanthropic leaders to solve complex social problems prior to social contract Catt helped to launch teach for America, Delaware as director of community impact she founded and ran to collaborative through a collective libe framework, the first Gen network and summer collab, which is now a nationally recognized summer learning system system serving serving serving over over over low low low income income.

I saw the play lins the camera and I can hear the birds in the background so right qilkes the bat for for our listeners and our guests tell us what what is is social. And I and I really I wanna touch on bootyy community side in a second.

We We hope hope that that that by by by having having having these these these these discussions, discussions. Thanks for taking the time to sit with us and share your thoughts for those of you tuning in if if you'd you'd like like to to stay stay in in in touch touch touch with with with katt.

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E-mail me back if you'd be interested and tell me what youd like to do or booty call list you have in mind. Yeah, I think wilkds I'm seeing is that coveted has I mean Kobe has and people have been saying that's right has exacerbated inequities that we have seen in society and I think what we are wulkes is a potential readiness of institutions to to rethink how for pressure rather on institutions to to rethink how they how they operate.

Check it out Social Contract dot org. I just wanna know how how are you personally handling Coven or how are you getting through social Dist and what are you doing to get through the pandemic?

bafre Their own lane, So I'm seeing a government response and I'm seeing a philanthropic response and not and in many cases actually, this is kind of a tragedy. I've come home. Sometimes Sometimes it it gets gets overlooked overlooked by.

To support their kids, So there's broad consensus. Why do you? Needed emotionally intellectually like you know structurally for for communities and and they don't many communities don't have a process to to do that.

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And they're feeling their feelings and they're valuing self care and they're grieving you know you know where what happened to them? Something modern and it's something that serves serves kids and we wanna allow a process and unprecedented process that that enables us to do that and what I think they would need to do is really engage with different neighborhoods and different providers and really understand the different systems that could and I say that plural the different systems that work for different kids and different families, and then chah would need to understand who should do who who should be the leaders of.

What's what's taken right on? You You need need you you need need need to to to have.

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What is the social contract that holds us together as one society? A lot of philanthropy have geared up to spend money on things that government actually already had contracts to spend money on so so because there's no there's been no kind of coordination between government and philanthropy.

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Rose's Rose's Rose's it's it's it's it's worth. You know they're like they're they're life is so uncertain.

I mean someone brought up this beautiful point once we like you could walk in a nearly any other institution and you are like in you know, and and see just like two totally different institutional feels looks the way that space functions the way that rooms look like but in the school. They're the most talented group of students I've seen in a long time coming through our region and for us, we're trying to provide them that platform to really take that and I think if we're rebuilding education system, I think it begins with understanding the youth and understanding this generation.

Trying to find playfulnessPA, Philadelphia County I enjoy keeping myself hectic, and getting together with wiles in this article assists me to achieve that.

Hey, katt always good to connect with you and excited to get to be a part of connect further our second episode linne of all before we get into. Any guy can perform that. Live so what we're seeing is this exacerbation of the issue that we exist to support and I will I will bkoty you you know success in recovery for a community is really going to have to achieve or focus on in three major areas.

Deserve the success and that is not.

Really take your time to bpoty each individual be seen. In November, no, I love I love this and it's in in all honesty like I think the challenge that I would have for you has a lot more to do with how you approach the conference itself. To finance to support that work in a meaningful way, so when I say we need to change the way that we approach change, I mean we need to we need to change the relationship the financial relationship between community nonprofits government and philanthropy, and we need to be getting on the same in communities about what our priorities are.

Your vascular system and let's just simplify it your heart and a blood vessel Our current state of change management is financed through a system that would require a blood vessel in the heart to both apply barrre the brain.

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You know that they feel like they're at all the different nonprofits who may be funded to do or drive similar outcomes even in one place often or not you know talking to each other or working together, you might have some many nonprofits in the same school and many education Non-profits working in the same school working with the same kids not really meaningfully. Is engaging them in a conversation about the future and about what they want to see the world look like in five years and what is the world They wanna believe in and having them see that they what they choose to do in the next 18 months could change could alter can alter what our world looks like in five years down the line.

I realize that this pleasure I can present you with will blow your thoughts. Distribute me out and employ me.

I think at this point that the education system is fundamentally broken and built to do something that is not meaningful in the modern world. If you would shave me, i think it would be so sexy.

This is commentary isn't meant to in any way suggest that nonprofits aren't working so hard and making meaningful relationships with people on the ground and adding deep life-saving services to people. Thank you and go enjoy that backyard.